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Looking for the ultimate MTB adventure? With our expertly planned trips, you'll experience some of the best mountain biking trails in Queenstown.

These all-inclusive premium packages provide you with a professional guide, safety equipment, high performance mountain bike, backpacks, snacks, water bottles, lunch, and private transport from your accommodation.


Both these locations are  extraordinary and different so do both if you have time! 

The FOUR LAKES LOOP is an epic cross-country adventure up and around Moke Lake. You ride through stunning back country scenery, including four different lakes. Technical trails include 7 Mile Scenic Reserve, BoB, Gold diggers and Phoenix. Less experienced riders can bypass the more technical trails. Great spot for a picnic at Moke lake or even a swim in summer!

CORONET PEAK has lots of variety and something for everyone. The full day trip can cover the big epic 50km Coronet Loop or you can ride laps of single track including Rude Rock, Zoot and Hot Rod. With both the half day and full day trips you can ride up coronet face and down the big gently sloping trails to Arrowtown via Bushcreek. Your guide will customise a great trip for you.

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