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It's our priority to get you on the right trails so please tell us your riding ability when you book guided trips or lessons.

You should see yourself somewhere in these 5 levels or maybe you're across two levels.




You’ve been riding a mountain bike for a while and you’re most comfortable on smooth single-track and wider, forgiving double-track. You like rides with scenic views; you like both ascending and descending on well-maintained, safe trails. You’re looking for an active but safe mountain bike experience; you’re not into jumps, drops, super steep trails, rock gardens, roots or taking risks on your bike.



You have a bike, possibly a very nice e-bike. Now you want to learn how to ride it. You are not very comfortable ascending, descending or riding rough terrain and sharp corners. You need basic bike riding skills for safety and having fun exploring on your bike. You are only interested in booking a lesson!



You’ve got some experience mountain biking on single-track trails under your belt; you’ve gotten pretty confident and are expanding your mountain bike abilities. You like riding most types of terrain, and you’re comfortable both climbing and descending on single-track trails with smaller technical features such as rocky sections, small drops, and small steep sections. You are looking to take small risks  to improve your skills as a mountain biker.



You’ve got a few years of riding on singletrack trails of all sorts with features such as rock gardens, steep sections, rolls and drops, roots, and small jumps. You are confident on the bike in most situations. You’re constantly looking to improve your riding skills and climbing and descending in terrain of all sorts.



Many years experience riding single-track and biking of all sorts of trails. You love steep terrain,  jumps, rock gardens, techy trails, long descents, big ascents and discovering new terrain. Mountain biking is one of your passions and you are ready and confident to do what you love in a new and challenging place. For you, the bigger the challenge, the better.

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